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Rabais début de saison sur le golf
Rabais début de saison sur le golf


par BULA
Prix ​​d'origine $26.99 - Prix ​​d'origine $26.99
Prix ​​d'origine $26.99
$26.99 - $26.99
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When they’re so dedicated to riding that you can’t pull them out in a snowstorm, protect their face with this full-coverage face mask. Naturalprene subs in for synthetic neoprene, giving you a plant-based non-toxic option with a soft interior for their delicate skin.

  • Made of Naturalprene, a less-toxic, plant based substitute for neoprene.
  • Provides full wind and water protection.
  • Small holes over the nose and mouth for easy breathing.
  • Soft brushed lining adds comfort and warmth.
Color: BLACK